Email Hosting Plans

TheFastSites offers affordable email hosting plans that cater to different needs and budgets, with features such as custom domain email addresses, ample storage, advanced security, and user-friendly interfaces. With flexible pricing and reliable support, TheFastSites is a great choice for individuals and businesses alike.

Personal $ 8.99/mo
(if paid annually)
Business$ 12.99/mo
(if paid annually)
Email storage
2 GB
5 GB
Mail filters
Email aliases
Antivirus check
Multi-device support
24/7/365 support
How to Create Professional email

To create a professional email address with a custom domain, you’ll need to choose a domain name, select an email provider, set up your email account, configure your DNS settings, and test your email to ensure it’s working properly. This will give you a professional email address that reflects your business or professional brand.

Choose Your Domain

Choose Your Email Hosting

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Email Hosting Benefits

Email hosting with TheFastSites provides benefits such as custom domain email addresses, reliable and secure email servers, advanced spam and virus protection, and 24/7 technical support. It’s an ideal solution for businesses and individuals who want a professional and efficient email service.

Australian web hosting

Easy-To-Use Panel

Our Web Hosting consists of an easy to use Control Panel for Website Management with its user friendly interface.

Australian web hosting

Network Security

DDOS Protection using Firewalls and Containerised PHP creates safe and secure applications

Australian web hosting

Easy Set-Up

By the time your payment is processed, your Domain Name will be registered and your Hosting account will be online.

Email Hosting Services

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Australian web hosting
Custom Domain

Custom domain email addresses for a professional & create branded email addresses.

Reliable & Secure

Reliable and secure email servers to ensure emails are always available

Advanced Protection

Advanced spam and virus protection to keep your inbox safe and secure

24/7 Support

24/7 technical support to assist you with any email-related issues or questions

30 Days Money - Back Gaurantee

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